About Zenith


Established in 2006, Zenith has rapidly emerged as one of Dubai's leading construction companies. With significant expansion in 2010 and successful projects including residence towers and Expo 2020 developments, the company underwent a restructuring process and re-emerged as Zenith Group, comprising 12 subsidiary companies. This restructuring has enabled us to offer a diverse range of services, becoming a one-stop construction company for our clients. All subsidiary companies are interconnected, collaborating to assist project owners in maximizing returns through successful property rentals. Further details outlining each company are provided below. It's worth noting that as of July 2023, we have successfully rented out nearly 95% of the properties under our management in Dubai Sports City & JVC, totaling over 650 units. Despite the challenges posed by the slow property market, especially during the ongoing epidemic, our success in achieving a high occupancy rate is credited to the diverse range of services we offer to residents. You are welcome to review the provided information and visit our projects to confirm the accuracy of this statement. Please have a look at the following information and visit our project to view the accuracy of this statement.


Definitely, we have plenty of privileges compared to other agencies which drives us to occupy almost all units with different national tenants during this current situation.

1 - Leasing Services :

  • Hotel Apartment
  • Long Term Rent
  • Short Term Rent
    • Furnishing
    • Advertising
    • Maintenance Service
    • Hospitality
    • Check in & out
    • Wide Networking Marketing
    • Property Viewing
    • Property Preparation
    • Unique Additional
    • Service Accounting & Statement
    • Legal Services
    • Recovery & Cost Saving
    • Customer Services
    • Online Service
      • Search Availability
      • Booking Service
      • Payment Service

2 - Advantages For Tenants (In Short Term Renting) :

  • Easy Renting with few requirements (visa, Ijari, Cheque,...)
  • Easy Moving and Easy Canceling (not transportation charges)
  • Saving cost by not paying Commission to Broker/Agent
  • Saving costs by not buying the furniture and appliances
  • Saving time and expenses for utility bills and deposits
  • Saving risk of charges if earlier cancellation of the tenancy agreement
  • Easy Rental Payments plan (Monthly Payment in advance)
  • Benefits of Hospitality Services by Zenith Hospitality Company
  • Benefits of receiving proper services by Zenith Maintenance Team
  • Benefits of having luxury spaces and facilities

3 - Hospitality For Services :

Online Store to provide all grocery and other stuff to our tenants , like:

  • Grocery
  • Coffee Shop
  • Stationary
  • Fruits & Vegetable
  • Restaurant
  • Furniture
  • Hygienic Items
  • Mini mart
  • Electronics

The website includes: In house services such as Maid/Tailoring/ Maintenance/Laundry/Shuttle/ Entertainment (sport/camping/learning center, online store....)